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Posted on: September 25, 2008 3:08 pm
Edited on: September 25, 2008 3:14 pm

How Soon We Forget....

What seemed at the time to be something that will be remembered by the ages and told to generations to come, has seemed to fade so fast.

Up against wall was an understatement. Taking out the top teams in the NFC in consecutive weeks would would make any teams  fans proud. To do it at a hostile stadium in the playoffs just added to the legend....

How in one final act one truely unbelievable catch could change a could alter the course of nearly 8 months of work and perfection in the making.

That catch was by David Tyree, and that team was the Giants.

Three weeks into a new season the team that shocked the world and accomplished the impossible has somehow taken a back burner to the once again flashy team from Texas. And in seemingly ever poll and rankings system on the web, the defending and undefeated super bowl champions come in second to a team the giants sent home just months early to advance once step closing to an eventual super bowl title.

Even with a close game in cincinati last week it is still hard to believe that a team that has not lost a game since they proved they were the best in NFL has to take the back seat to anyone. A team that is 3rd in offensive yards, 6th in defense, and with only one turnover is second best.

This is just it is just part of sports in general, to let go of the past and grab hold of what is goin on now. Which leaves us all to often forgetting the moments that led us to that point.  And with two regular season match-ups between two of the NFC powerhouses this will be a continued subject for months to come.

In the end is just hard for me to unseed an undefeated champion, and replace it with a team that had fallen to them just a few short months ago.


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