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Finger Pointing In The Wrong Direction

Posted on: October 2, 2008 1:48 pm
Edited on: October 2, 2008 1:54 pm

After the Packers lost their second straight game fans and media start the normal process of dealing with losses... Finger pointing

Does Aaron Rodgers have the durability to be an NFL quarterback?

Can the Packers run the ball at all?

Could Frost have been the reason? Field position has been horrible.

Is the defensive to hurt to keep up with any resemblance of an offense?

And of course.... Was the decision to let Brett go, one of the worse in Packers illustrious history?

So which one is it?

My vote goes for Ted Thompson.

Although he has been given much of the credit for putting a young team out that competed for supremacy just 10 months ago. With Brett Favre gone, the lapses in judgment by the Packer managements seems to be more and more apparent.

The Packers off season free agency over the last couple years has been none existent. Ted Thompson refuses to pay for high end veteran talent, to help support a very young and talented packers team. Instead would rather stock pile draft picks and create his own team from scratch. The most public example being the Randy Moss free agent miss of a little over a year ago.

If Green Bay had Randy Moss last year could things have been different? Thompson's inability to see past the history of player, and notice the maturity that Moss is now showing with the Patriots may have cost Green Bay a title in 07-08.

Another disaster in the making has been the contract of Ryan Grant. As if barely averaging 2 yards a carry in the last two games hasn't been bad enough, both of the last two games have been punctuated by a key fumble by Grant. The first being on the opening drive of the Cowboys game, that left Dallas in field goal position when they received the ball for the first time. Second one lead directly to a defensive touchdown by Tampa Bay.

Above all of this, is the fact that the Packers are over 20 million under the cap. An undersized and aging line is needs more talented young players to replace the ones that have held the Pack strong for so many years. The defensive line has been depleted by injury along with casual losses to free agency. With money at the fingertips, the Packers answer is to sign Pettway, a released DE from Jacksonville.

Added to this the Brett Favre saga that owned every sports radio and tv show in the country this off season. The forceful trade of a hall of fame quarterback will be under a microscope as long as the famous #4 continues to play. 

Many other things such as bad situational play calling, key injuries, young QB (backed up by younger QBs), and penalties are all other aspects of what have hurt the Packers so far this season. But if being a GM is measured by the act of putting the best players on the field on Sunday.... Ted Thompson fails.





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